Beneath Ceaseless Skies Celebrates First Anniversary

Beneath Ceaseless Skies recently celebrated its first anniversary with an Anniversary Double-Issue containing four stories, including ones by Yoon Ha Lee and Ian McHugh.

With this issue, #27, BCS is now also available in two downloadable file formats for ebook readers: PDF and MobiPocket PRC.

To read our fiction, or download our ebook files or podcasts, visit our website at

Best Horror of the Year : Honorable Mentions

besthorrorEllen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 1 includes honorable mentions  for the following semiprozine stories:

  • “deathmask” by Mike Allen (Helix, Winter)
  • “Will the Real Veronica LeBarr Stand Down” by John Grant (Postscripts 16)
  • “The Talion Moth” by John Kirk (Weird Tales, #349)
  • “Painlessness” by Kirstyn McDermott (GUD, #2)
  • “All Mouth” by Paul Meloy (Black Static, #6)
  • “The World Without Sleep” by Sarah Monette (Postscripts, #14)
    “At the Gates” by Patrick Samphire (Black Static, #8)
  • “The Supplanter” by James Steimle (Albedo One #34)
  • “Gladstone” by Dermot Ryan (Albedo One #35)

For details on semiprozine stories published in this volume, see this earlier post on the subject.

Clarkesworld Magazine – October 2009

cw_37_250The October issue of Clarkesworld Magazine is now available…


  • Spar by Kij Johnson
  • Spar (AUDIO VERSION) by Kij Johnson, read by Kate Baker
  • Of Melei, of Ulthar by Gord Sellar


  • Keeping Ahead of the Fear: A Conversation with Ken Scholes interview by Jeremy L. C. Jones
  • Forevermore: The Iconic Poe of the 21st Century by G.A. Buchholz


  • OH SHIT by Sean Donaldson

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #40

asim40Congratulations to ASIM on reaching their 40th issue! This is also their first issue to be available in perfectbound format. (No staples!) Issues can be ordered in either print or PDF format.

This issue was edited by Simon Petrie and contains:


  • “Creature Feature” by KT McRae
  • “Once a Month, on a Sunday” by Ian McHugh
  • “The Future is Now” by Melissa White
  • “TFT” by Jason Stoddard
  • “Lopsided Love” by Ruskin Drake
  • “Kandinsky’s Mistakes” by Darren Goossens
  • “The Easy Way” by Dan McCormick
  • “Jesse’s Gift” by Felicity Dowker
  • “Meet Mary Sue” by KC Shaw
  • “Zombies from Mars” by Douglas A Van Belle


  • “Playtime”  by James R Cain

Special Features

  • Melbourne’s Full of Vampires  by Edwina Harvey

Weird Tales #353

weirdtales353-screen170The latest issue of the Hugo Award-winning Weird Tales is now available.


  • “Weiroot” by Jeffrey Ford
  • “The Garbacologist”  by Jeff Johnson
  • “Headstone in My Pocket”  by Paul G. Tremblay
  • “Bruise for Bruise”  by Robert Davies
  • “Court Scranto”  by Caleb Wilson
  • “Selected Views of Mt. Fuji, With Dinosaurs”  by Hunter Eden


  • “Thomas Ligotti: The Weird Tales Interview”  by Geoffrey Goodwin
  • “Richard Corben: Drawing Upon the Masters”  by  Bill Baker


  • Weirdism – J.G. Ballard: the most mindblowing drug
  • The Bazaar - steampunk art sorceress Bethalynne Bajema
  • The Library – Tanith Lee and Catherynne Valente
  • Lost In Lovecraft – a literary journey with Kenneth Hite

Cover illustration by Saara Salmi

On Spec Issue #77

onspec77On Spec Summer 2009 #77
Vol. 21 No. 2


  • “Don’t Swear at the Editors” by Barb Galler-Smith


  • The Resident Guest By Sandra Glaze
  • The Far-springer by E. Catherine Tobler
  • Surveillance by Jonathan Cresswell-Jones
  • Case 143 by Robert Piotrowski
  • Emily’s Shadow By A.J. Onia
  • The Exchange by Karen Keeley
  • Angel in the Corner by Benjamin Gleisser
  • The Gospel Truth by Rhonda Collis
  • Left-hand Turn by C. Burger


  • The Drowning Ones by Colleen Anderson
  • Topography by Amy Dennis


  • Feature Author Interview: Benjamin Gleisser & Chaos Theory by Roberta Laurie
  • Feature Artist Interview: Jason Dirks by Lyn X

2009 Aurora Award

Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine won the 2009 Aurora Award in the category Best Work in English: Other. Editor Karl Johanson and art director/assistant editor Stephanie Johanson both attended the Aurora Awards Banquet, held at Anticipation, The 67th World Science Fiction Convention, in Montréal, Québec, Canada. For more information about the Aurora Awards go to

Interzone 224, new issue and US distribution

iz224Interzone issue 224, published on September 10th, contains a novella by Jason Sanford plus short stories by Katherine Sparrow & Rachel Swirsky, Jeremiah Tolbert, Adrian Joyce, and Chris Butler. Cover art is by Adam Tredowski and interior art by Paul Drummond, Dave Senecal, Mark Pexton, and Martin Bland. All the usual news, reviews and give-aways are here, and the books section includes Robert Holdstock on 25 years of Mythago Wood.

Note from the Publisher:

We have sent a substantial number (relatively speaking) of copies of this issue for overseas distribution. I can’t yet give a breakdown of where these copies are going, or what the cover price might be, but presumably the majority are going to the USA. If you’re already an Interzone reader please help spread the word that the magazine can now be bought in shops overseas. If you’re not yet a reader and you see the magazine in a shop, please buy it! This is a test issue but it’s hopefully something we can build on.