Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #40

asim40Congratulations to ASIM on reaching their 40th issue! This is also their first issue to be available in perfectbound format. (No staples!) Issues can be ordered in either print or PDF format.

This issue was edited by Simon Petrie and contains:


  • “Creature Feature” by KT McRae
  • “Once a Month, on a Sunday” by Ian McHugh
  • “The Future is Now” by Melissa White
  • “TFT” by Jason Stoddard
  • “Lopsided Love” by Ruskin Drake
  • “Kandinsky’s Mistakes” by Darren Goossens
  • “The Easy Way” by Dan McCormick
  • “Jesse’s Gift” by Felicity Dowker
  • “Meet Mary Sue” by KC Shaw
  • “Zombies from Mars” by Douglas A Van Belle


  • “Playtime”¬† by James R Cain

Special Features

  • Melbourne’s Full of Vampires¬† by Edwina Harvey