Weird Tales #353

weirdtales353-screen170The latest issue of the Hugo Award-winning Weird Tales is now available.


  • “Weiroot” by Jeffrey Ford
  • “The Garbacologist”  by Jeff Johnson
  • “Headstone in My Pocket”  by Paul G. Tremblay
  • “Bruise for Bruise”  by Robert Davies
  • “Court Scranto”  by Caleb Wilson
  • “Selected Views of Mt. Fuji, With Dinosaurs”  by Hunter Eden


  • “Thomas Ligotti: The Weird Tales Interview”  by Geoffrey Goodwin
  • “Richard Corben: Drawing Upon the Masters”  by  Bill Baker


  • Weirdism – J.G. Ballard: the most mindblowing drug
  • The Bazaar - steampunk art sorceress Bethalynne Bajema
  • The Library – Tanith Lee and Catherynne Valente
  • Lost In Lovecraft – a literary journey with Kenneth Hite

Cover illustration by Saara Salmi