Semiprozines & the 2009 Aurealis Awards

The winners of the 2009 Aurealis Awards* were announced at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Brisbane on January 24th, 2010. Semiprozines were well-represented among the winners:

Best Science Fiction Short Story

Best Fantasy Short Story (joint winners)

* The Aurealis Awards are for works of speculative fiction by authors, editors and illustrators, who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #40

asim40Congratulations to ASIM on reaching their 40th issue! This is also their first issue to be available in perfectbound format. (No staples!) Issues can be ordered in either print or PDF format.

This issue was edited by Simon Petrie and contains:


  • “Creature Feature” by KT McRae
  • “Once a Month, on a Sunday” by Ian McHugh
  • “The Future is Now” by Melissa White
  • “TFT” by Jason Stoddard
  • “Lopsided Love” by Ruskin Drake
  • “Kandinsky’s Mistakes” by Darren Goossens
  • “The Easy Way” by Dan McCormick
  • “Jesse’s Gift” by Felicity Dowker
  • “Meet Mary Sue” by KC Shaw
  • “Zombies from Mars” by Douglas A Van Belle


  • “Playtime”  by James R Cain

Special Features

  • Melbourne’s Full of Vampires  by Edwina Harvey

ASIM 39 now available as a PDF

asim39Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #39 is now available as a PDF download.


“Luxembourg” by Rob Shearman
“Snake-Eater” by Linda Steele
“The Dissolution of Blue” by James Targett
“The Colonel’s Character Flaw” by Paul Kennebeck
“In the Blink of an Eye” by Dr Philip Edward Kaldon
“Dragon Bones”  by Joanne Anderton

Regular Features
Contributor Biographies

Also available in print.

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine

Established: 2001, first issue published in 2002asim
Editors: Robbie Matthews: Senior Editor. Editorship for each issue is rotated among members of the Andromeda Spaceways Publishing Co-op.

ASIM’s mission is to support Australian speculative fiction, and to provide a venue for stories that sample the ‘lighter side’ of specfic. Although we’re an Australian magazine, we have subscribers worldwide (well, almost worldwide: we’re still struggling to crack the lucrative Antarctic market) and our authors are also scattered far and wide. A typical ASIM issue (if there is any such thing) will contain roughly equal quantities of stories by local and international authors, ranging from frivolous space opera to grim and gritty dark fantasy. We’re available in both print and PDF editions, and publish bimonthly. We’re a paying market, offering 1.25 Australian cents per word. And we’re justifiably proud of the reputation our slush-handling system has achieved – doing right by our authors, whether their stories make it into the magazine or not, is something we’ve worked damn hard at.

Awards and Recognition:
The three-hundred-odd stories published to date in ASIM have accrued the following awards between them:

  • Aurealis Awards (AUS): 8 shortlisted stories
  • Australian Shadows Awards (AUS): 3 shortlisted stories
  • Ditmar Awards (AUS): 1 winning story, 5 shortlisted stories, winner of a Best Professional Production Award, and also of a Best Professional Achievement Award
  • Sir Julius Vogel Awards (NZ): 4 winning stories, 9 shortlisted stories, and winner of a Special Award for Services to Science Fiction
  • …and we think there’s been a Tin Duck or several in there somewhere, too.

Other Items of Interest:
In lieu of payment, Co-op members receive virtual gold star performance bonuses, and staff discounts on interstellar travel.


Information provided by Felicity Dowker.