Semiprozines & the 2009 Aurealis Awards

The winners of the 2009 Aurealis Awards* were announced at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts in Brisbane on January 24th, 2010. Semiprozines were well-represented among the winners:

Best Science Fiction Short Story

Best Fantasy Short Story (joint winners)

* The Aurealis Awards are for works of speculative fiction by authors, editors and illustrators, who are Australian citizens or permanent residents.

Apex Magazine – August 2009

apexmagv3i2fpApex Magazine – August 2009


  • “Kenny 149” by Brad Becraft
  • “Pimp My Airship” by Maurice Broaddus
  • “Sinner, Baker, Fabulist, Priest; Red Mask, Black Mask, Gentleman, Beast” by Eugie Foster


  • “Game Fiction: Why It Works (and Why It Doesn’t)” by Monica Valentinelli
  • Interview with Gene O’Neill by Maggie Jamison
  • The real story of “Pimp My Airship” by Jason Sizemore

July Issue of Apex Magazine

The July 2009 issue is Apex’s first since their brief hiatus. It includes:


  • “She Called Me Sweetie” by Glenn Lewis Gillette
  • “…That Has Such People in It” by Jennifer Pelland
  • “The Frozen Sky” by Jeff Carlson


  • “Foiled” by Alethea Kontis


  • BEAUTY AND DYNAMITE: “Here Lies an Era” by Alethea Kontis
  • Interview with Nate Kenyon
  • Interview with J.M. McDermott
  • Editorial: I Just Can’t Help Myself by Jason Sizemore

It can be found online here.

Apex Magazine to return from hiatus

According to Jason Sizemore on the Apex blog:

“We’re pulling Apex Magazine out of hiatus and plan on releasing a new issue on the first Monday of July (July 6th).

Why now? And why the magazine?

As I’ve said before, I’m stubborn. That’s playing a role in this decision. But I also try to be sensible when it comes to expensive business decisions. This time, I have a better plan in terms of financing the magazine…”

Read their plan, here. Welcome back Apex. Best of luck!

Descended from Darkness: Apex Magazine Vol. I

Apex Book Company has announced that they have purchased the final two stories for DESCENDED FROM DARKNESS: APEX MAGAZINE VOL. I. It will contain 25 stories (approximately 90,000 words) and is scheduled for publication in early December.

Table of Contents:

“Hideki and the Gnomes” by Mark Lee Pearson
“Clockwork, Patchwork and Ravens” by Peter M. Ball
“Waiting for Jakie” by Barbara Krasnoff
“The Last Science Fiction Writer” by Jamie Todd Rubin
“The Mind of a Pig” by Ekaterina Sedia
“The Puma” by Theodora Goss
“Dark Planet” by Lavie Tidhar
“Cai and Her Ten Thousand Husbands” by Gord Sellar
“On the Shadow Side of the Beast” by Ruth Nestvold
“Starter House” by Jason Palmer
“A Night at the Empire” by Joy Marchand
“Organ Nell” by Jennifer Pelland
“PLEBISCITE AV3X” by Jason Fischer
“Shaded Streams Run Clearest” by Geoffrey W. Cole
“A Splash of Color” by William T. Vandemark
“Behold: Skowt!” by Jason Heller
“Blakenjel” by Lavie Tidhar
“I Know an Old Lady” by Nathan Rosen
“The Limb Knitter” by Steven Francis Murphy
“Scenting the Dark” by Mary Robinette Kowal
“The Nature of Blood” by George Mann
“In the Seams” by Andrew C. Porter
“These Days” by Katherine Sparrow
“Post Apocalypse” by James Walton Langolf