Realms: The First Year of Clarkesworld Magazine

realmsIn 2008, Wyrm Publishing released Realms, the first in a series of comprehensive anthologies featuring a year’s original fiction from Clarkesworld Magazine.

Table of Contents:

* A Light in Troy by Sarah Monette
* 304 Adolph Hitler Strasse by Lavie Tidhar
* The Moby Clitoris of His Beloved by Ian Watson
* Lydia’s Body by Vylar Kaftan
* Urchins, While Sleeping by Catherynne Valente
* The Other Amazon by Jenny Davidson
* Automatic by Erica Satifka
* Orm the Beautiful by Elizabeth Bear
* Chewing Up the Innocent by Jay Lake
* Attar of Roses by Sharon Mock
* Clockmaker’s Requiem by Barth Anderson
* Something in the Mermaid Way by Carrie Laben
* The Third Bear by Jeff VanderMeer
* The First Female President by Michael De Kler
* There’s No Light Between Floors by Paul Tremblay
* Qubit Conflicts by Jetse De Vries
* The Oracle Spoke by Holly Phillips
* Moon over Yodok by David Charlton
* I’ll Gnaw Your Bones, the Manticore Said by Cat Rambo
* Transtexting Pose by Darren Speegle
* The Taste of Wheat by Ekaterina Sedia
* The Beacon by Darja Malcolm-Clarke
* The Ape’s Wife by Caitlin Kiernan
* Lost Soul by MP Ericson

The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet

bestlcrwSo good there had to be a book. Or something. The Best of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet is now (2007) available from Del Rey. It’s a collection of fiction and sometimes fancy (but usually plain) knitting patterns (a lie), recipes (ok, there are a few drink recipes), poetry (some great poetry), and an apology or two.

Table of Contents:

  • Preface by Chunterers
  • Dan Chaon, Introduction
  • Kelly Link, Travels with the Snow Queen, LCRW 1
  • Scotch, An Essay Into A Drink, LCRW 2
  • David Findlay, Unrecognizable, LCRW 3
  • Ian McDowell, mehitobel was queen of the night, LCRW 4
  • Nalo Hopkinson, Tan Tan and Dry Bone, LCRW 4
  • Margaret Muirhead – An Open Letter, LCRW 4
  • Margaret Muirhead, I am glad, LCRW 4
  • Margaret Muirhead, Lady Shonagon’s Hateful Things, LCRW 5
  • Karen Joy Fowler, Heartland, LCRW 6
  • What a Difference A Night Makes, LCRW 7
  • Ray Vukcevich, Pretending, LCRW 8
  • Shh! I can’t hear the music! LCRW 8
  • William Smith – The Film Column
  • Amy Beth Forbes, A is for Apple, LCRW 9
  • Shh! I said I was listening to some music! LCRW 9
  • Mark Rudolph, My Father’s Ghost, LCRW 9
  • A list of chickens (From The Fairest Fowl, Portraits of Champion Chickens) LCRW 9
  • Jeffrey Ford, What’s Sure to Come LCRW 10
  • Roadtripping, zinemaking, cooking, cleaning, reading, and eating music LCRW 10
  • Geoffrey Goodwin – Stoddy Awchaw, LCRW 10 (Listen)
  • A selection of teas the LCRW kitchen has acquired or been given over the years LCRW 10
  • Theodora Goss, Rapid Advance of Sorrow LCRW 11
  • Nan Fry, The Wolf’s Story, LCRW 11
  • Sarah Monette – Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland, LCRW 11 (prize winner!)
  • David Moles – Tacoma-Fuji, LCRW 11
  • David Erik Nelson – Bay, LCRW 12
  • Richard Butner – How to Make a Martini, LCRW 12
  • All About the T: Swept (not sweeped) away by the love of irregular verbs LCRW 12
  • Jan Lars Jensen – Happier Days, LCRW 12
  • Philip Raines and Harvey Welles – The Fishie, LCRW 12
  • The Switch. Hope in the form of planted tomatoes LCRW 12
  • Gwenda Bond – Dear Aunt Gwenda
  • William Smith – The Film Column
  • David J. Schwartz – The Ichthymancer Writes His Friend with an Account of the Yeti’s Birthday Party, LCRW 13
  • A By-No-Means-Complete Joan Aiken Checklist LCRW 13
  • Veronica Schanoes – Serpents, LCRW 13
  • Homeland Security, LCRW 13
  • David Blair – Vincent Price; For George Romero, LCRW 13 (First book coming soon!)
  • Douglas Lain – Music Lessons, LCRW 14
  • James Sallis – Two Stories, LCRW 14
  • Karen Russell – Help Wanted, LCRW 15
  • Sarah Micklem – “Eft” or “Epic”, LCRW 15
  • John Kessel – The Red Phone, LCRW 16
  • Lawrence Schimel & Sara Rojo, The Well-Dressed Wolf, COMIC LCRW 15
  • Deborah Roggie – The Mushroom Duchess LCRW 17
  • Seana Graham – The Pirate’s True Love, LCRW 17
  • You Could Do This Too, LCRW 17
  • Sunshine Ison – Two Poems LCRW 18
  • [Name Withheld] Article Withdrawn
  • Becca De La Rosa – This Is The Train The Queen Rides On LCRW 18
  • A selected list of Automobile City/Hwy Mileages LCRW 18
  • Gwenda Bond – Dear Aunt Gwenda
  • John Brown – Bright Waters LCRW 17
  • K.E. Duffin, Two Poems LCRW 19
  • D.M. Gordon, Sliding LCRW 19
  • Cara Spindler & David Erik Nelson, You Were Neither . . . LCRW 19

Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show (v. 1)

igmsbook1InterGalactic Medicine Show’s first anthology of stories from their pages, Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show (v. 1), was published by Tor Books in 2008.

* “Forward” by Orson Scott Card
* “Introduction” by Edmund R. Schubert
* “In the Eyes of the Empress’s Cat” by Bradley P. Beaulieu
* “Mazer in Prison” by Orson Scott Card
* “Tabloid Reporter to the Stars” by Eric James Stone
* “Audience” by Ty Franck
* “The Mooncalfe” by David Farland
* “Cheater” by Orson Scott Card
* “Dream Engine” by Tim Pratt
* “Hats Off” by David Lubar
* “Eviction Notice” by Scott M. Roberts
* “To Know All Things That Are in the Earth” by James Maxey
* “Beats of Seven” by Peter Orullian
* “Pretty Boy” by Orson Scott Card
* “Respite” by Rachel Ann Dryden
* “Fat Farm” (comic) by Aaron Johnston, based on short story by Orson Scott Card
* “The Box of Beautiful Things” by Brian Dolton
* “Taint of Treason” by Eric James Stone
* “Call Me Mr. Positive” by Tom Barlow
* “A Young Man with Prospects” by Orson Scott Card
* Credits for the Illustrations


fantasy2Fantasy Magazine’s first collection of fiction from their pages, Fantasy,  was published in 2007 by Prime Books.

Table of Contents:

“Goosegirl” by Margaret Ronald
“All the Growing Time” by Becca De La Rosa
“Somewhere Beneath Those Waves Was Her Home” by Sarah Monette
“Shallot” by Samantha Henderson
“Bone Mother” by Maura McHugh
“The Greats Come A-Callin'” by Lisa Mantchev
“Zombie Lenin” by Ekaterina Sedia
“The Yeti Behind You” by Jeremy Tolbert
“The Salvation Game” by Amanda Downum
“Sugar” by Cat Rambo
“Brother of the Moon” by Holly Phillips

Descended from Darkness: Apex Magazine Vol. I

Apex Book Company has announced that they have purchased the final two stories for DESCENDED FROM DARKNESS: APEX MAGAZINE VOL. I. It will contain 25 stories (approximately 90,000 words) and is scheduled for publication in early December.

Table of Contents:

“Hideki and the Gnomes” by Mark Lee Pearson
“Clockwork, Patchwork and Ravens” by Peter M. Ball
“Waiting for Jakie” by Barbara Krasnoff
“The Last Science Fiction Writer” by Jamie Todd Rubin
“The Mind of a Pig” by Ekaterina Sedia
“The Puma” by Theodora Goss
“Dark Planet” by Lavie Tidhar
“Cai and Her Ten Thousand Husbands” by Gord Sellar
“On the Shadow Side of the Beast” by Ruth Nestvold
“Starter House” by Jason Palmer
“A Night at the Empire” by Joy Marchand
“Organ Nell” by Jennifer Pelland
“PLEBISCITE AV3X” by Jason Fischer
“Shaded Streams Run Clearest” by Geoffrey W. Cole
“A Splash of Color” by William T. Vandemark
“Behold: Skowt!” by Jason Heller
“Blakenjel” by Lavie Tidhar
“I Know an Old Lady” by Nathan Rosen
“The Limb Knitter” by Steven Francis Murphy
“Scenting the Dark” by Mary Robinette Kowal
“The Nature of Blood” by George Mann
“In the Seams” by Andrew C. Porter
“These Days” by Katherine Sparrow
“Post Apocalypse” by James Walton Langolf

The Best of Abyss & Apex, Volume 1

abyssapexbestCongratulations to Abyss & Apex and Hadley Rille Books on the release of The Best of Abyss & Apex, Volume One, edited by Wendy S. Delmater.

Table of Contents:

“The Night the Stars Sang Out My Name” by Ken Scholes
“Interfaith” by Lisa Mantchev
“Lament for Titan” by Robin M. Mayhall
“Godspeed, Inc.” by Vincent Miskell
“Night is My House” by Christopher Vera
“Metamorphoses in Amber” by Tony Pi
“City of Beautiful Nonsense” by Justin Howe
“New Spectacles” by Will McIntosh
“The Devil You Know” by Heidi Kneale
“Dear Yourself” by Yoon Ha Lee
“Nomad” by Karl Bunker
“Stories of the Alien Invasion” by Manek Mistry
“A Clockwork Break” by Shawn Scarber
“The Knife” by Jason L. Corner
“Hour by Hour” by Lindsay Duncan
“The Watchers” by Patricia Kelly
“In The Season Of Blue Storms” by Jude-Marie Green
“A Season With The Geese” by Rachel Swirsky
“Goddess” by Jon Hansen
“Quantum Semantics” by Norman Ball
“When Maxwell’s Demon Met Schrödinger’s Cat” by Jack Hillman
“Fading Away” by Jay Lake
“The Man Behind the Curtain” by Joseph Paul Haines
“God’s Guitar” by Justin Stanchfield
“Twelve Dancing Daughters” by Pam McNew
“Unicorn’s Rest” by Jill Knowles
“The First Stranger” by Kristine Ong Muslim
“The Sea a Deeper Black” by Tim Pratt
“Museum Beetles” by Simon Kewin
“Four-Dimensional Chess” by Robert Saunders
“Wikihistory” by Desmond Warzel