Best Horror of the Year : Honorable Mentions

besthorrorEllen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 1 includes honorable mentions¬† for the following semiprozine stories:

  • “deathmask” by Mike Allen (Helix, Winter)
  • “Will the Real Veronica LeBarr Stand Down” by John Grant (Postscripts 16)
  • “The Talion Moth” by John Kirk (Weird Tales, #349)
  • “Painlessness” by Kirstyn McDermott (GUD, #2)
  • “All Mouth” by Paul Meloy (Black Static, #6)
  • “The World Without Sleep” by Sarah Monette (Postscripts, #14)
    “At the Gates” by Patrick Samphire (Black Static, #8)
  • “The Supplanter” by James Steimle (Albedo One #34)
  • “Gladstone” by Dermot Ryan (Albedo One #35)

For details on semiprozine stories published in this volume, see this earlier post on the subject.

Semiprozines in Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year

besthorrorEarlier today, the contents for Night Shade Book’s Best Horror of the Year 1 was listed on editor Ellen Datlow’s blog. The following stories from semiprozines were selected: