Who are some of the best new writers appearing in semiprozines?

It is said by some that semiprozines are publishing some of the best new writers. Who are the authors people should be on the lookout for?

Robert Neilson, Albedo One

The Albedo One authors who have impressed me most in recent times are Philip Raines & Harvey Welles, Colin Harvey, Nina Allan, Julian West, Will McIntosh and David D. Levine (his story in Albedo One is far better than his Hugo winner). I have also been mightily impressed with Dutch author Teis Teng but unfortunately most of his work is in Dutch. You can find some of his work in English in a collection from Babel Books called Systems of Romance (he wrote half the stories). Modesty forbids mention of my editorial colleagues.

Beth Wodzinski, Shimmer

A year or so ago I would have called out Aliette de Bodard — but she’s already well on her way, and is a Campbell nominee this year. I think she’s right at the beginning of a great career.

I’ve got my eye on Angela Slatter and Shweta Narayan; they seem to me to be poised for really broad success, and are terrific. Also terrific: Becca De La Rosa, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Vylar Kaftan, Caitlin Paxson, Alex Wilson, Josh Storey, Claude LaLumiere, and Amal El Mohtar. Well, I think everyone we’ve published is terrific.

If I can call out a few artists, too: Chrissy Ellsworth, Sandro Castelli, Aunia Kahn, and Carrie Ann Baade are amazing.

Hildy Silverman, Space & Time

There are some great ones out there. Maurice Broaddus is a terrific writer who I don’t think the Big Three have published yet, but are bound to discover at some point. Aliette de Bodard is popping up in a lot of places, and has been nominated for the 2009 Campbell award. Oh, and keep an eye on multiple-workshop grad Larry Hodges, who is finally getting around to sending out more of his work.

Sean Wallace, Fantasy Magazine

Where to start? Fantasy Magazine has a lot of new, exciting talent, between what was published last year and this year, or soon to be published: Camille Alexa, Erik Amundsen, Stephanie Campisi, Becca De La Rosa, Willow Fagan, Berrien Henderson, Darja Malcolm-Clarke, Gord Sellar, Rachel Swirsky, Genevieve Valentine, and many more. However, the field is full of new authors being published all over, and the zines listed on this website are a great start for a reader to dive right into!

Scott Andrews, Beneath Ceaseless Skies

I think there are lots of very good neo-pro short story writers being published these days in semiprozines.  Beneath Ceaseless Skies has published a number of up-and-coming writers who’ve been Finalists or Winners of the Writers of the Future award, including Tina Connolly, Sarah L. Edwards, and Erin Cashier.  Our stories from other newcomers such as Matthew David Surridge and Grace Seybold have also received strong reviews.  And we’ve published two authors who are nominees for this year’s Campbell Award for Best New Writer–Tony Pi and Aliette de Bodard.

Albedo One: Stories in Translation

When Neil asked me to write an article for his save the semi-prozine Hugo site the only thing of value I could think of was my unique perspective. I am one of the editors of Albedo One magazine, a very semi pro magazine out on the outskirts of civilization. It is unlikely that we will ever be anything but semi pro and just as unlikely that we will ever be able to pay our contributors at the full pro rate – though many semi-pro markets do – and it is our ambition to do so.

So what can we bring to the party? I hear you ask. What is the point of a magazine such as ours even existing? There are, of course, the usual generic reasons: providing a market for new writers, providing an outlet for cutting edge or experimental fiction that would not find a home in a more commercially-minded magazine and, to my mind the most important of all, the provision of choice and variety in a market where the commercial imperative can often dictate content. We are mavericks who survive on the crumbs from the rich man’s table. You can’t buy us with money. Though if you’ve got a reasonable offer I’m sure Neil won’t mind passing it along. But up front I mentioned a unique perspective and I think that’s what Albedo One has got. So bear with me while I tell you a story. Read more

Albedo One

Established: 1992albedoone
Editors: John Kenny, Frank Ludlow, David Murphy, Roelof Goudriaan and Bob Neilson. Contributing Editors Juliet E. McKenna, Mike O’Driscoll, Dev Agarwal, Andrew McKenna (no relation) and David Conyers.

Albedo One is a speculative fiction magazine from Ireland that features short stories by new and established writers, author interviews, commentary and book reviews. We are currently reviewing our payment policy and attempting to encourage better writers into the fold but it is difficult out here on the very edge of civilization (Ireland) to make ends meet especially with charges for postage to the rest of the world (outside Ireland) is due to rise to over four euro for one copy.

Over the past sixteen years, we have featured stories from authors like  Anne McCaffrey, Brian Stableford, Liz Williams, Steve Rasnic Tem and David D. Levine. Our interviews have always generated great interest as we have covered the great and the good from Julian May and J.G. Ballard in our first couple of issues, through Terry Pratchett and Lois McMaster Bujold to Raymond E Feist, Alastair Reynolds and Ellen Datlow in the last couple.

Recently, we’ve begun to focus on European writing and translation from other languages. Our current issue features a Breton story translated by an Irish poet and we plan to feature the best German language story of 2008 in our next issue. Our plan is to  follow this with a French story and (probably) one from Holland. We have always been aware of our Irish and European roots and attempt to feature fiction from these regions whenever possible.

Awards and Recognition:
Since 1997, we have won four European SF Society awards. Along with numerous honorable mentions, stories published in Albedo One have also been selected for Gardner Dozois’ Year’s Best SF anthology.

Other Items of Interest:
We have published, under our Aeon Press imprint, a novel, a graphic novel, several single author short story collections, and a Best of Irish Spectulative Fiction entitled Emerald Eye.

The Aeon Award, our international short story contest, is currently in its fourth year and offers a  top prize of 1000 euro. The winner of the contest is selected by internationally-acclaimed writer Ian Watson.


Information provided by Bob Neilson.