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We are currently updating the directory to reflect any changes in eligibility for the year ending December 31, 2016. Feel free to comment on this post if you have questions.

8 thoughts on “Currently updating directory

  1. Dear Mr. Clarke:

    I’m fairly sure that Heroic Fantasy Quarterly qualifies as a semiprozine. We publish four times per year and pay our fiction contributors $100 per story, our poetry contributors $25 per poem and our banner artists $50.

    Is there a way we can be added to the list?

  2. Neil,

    Amazing is irregular, but since we’re paying SFWA rates for fiction now (when we buy), and since some staff have been paid for more than expenses, we fall into the semiprozine category…




  3. Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Cirsova, and Hypnos have been added.

    Steve, I can see four issues listed on the site, but three appear to be before 2016 and the other doesn’t have any publication date that I could find. Was it a 2016 release?

    Also since SFWA rates were mentioned, I want to remind everyone that SFWA rates have nothing to do with Hugo eligibility. It’s not how much you pay, it whether or not you pay.

  4. Neil, Black Gate is listed as a semiprozine, but while the print edition certainly qualified, and possibly the first year or so of the web version (when John was working off his inventory of original fiction he had bought before closing the print zine), the current version of Black Gate is definitely a fanzine.

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