We did it! The Semiprozine Hugo will continue!

I would like to thank everyone who has supported our cause and especially everyone who showed up at today’s business meeting. Our supporters spoke eloquently and with conviction. When the vote was finally held, we won by an overwhelming majority. The Best Semiprozine Hugo will continue.

A new committee to help redefine the semiprozine and related Hugos was voted into place shortly afterwards. It will be chaired by Chris Barkley. More information on that as it becomes available.

Again, thanks to everyone involved. I have to say that everything was handled very professionally (by both sides) and it does appear that we are united in repairing the category. This is a very good day.

10 thoughts on “We did it! The Semiprozine Hugo will continue!

  1. This is terrific. I was there for the vote and it was an incredible relief. I agree that both sides handled the tense situation very amicably, despite the strong disagreements.

    Now we all have to keep participating in the dialogue to change the current categories, especially by joining or helping the committee.

  2. Excellent news. I’ll be looking on with interest to see what is decided about the “repair” of the category definitions. It seems like separate the fiction mags out from Locus would solve 90% of the problem.

  3. Yes, it was very tense, but no guns were drawn, no one killed. Fortunately, Dag Hammarskjold intervened at the last minute to work out an amicable settlement, and all went away happy.

    This all sounds like Sam Moskowitz writing about the epic struggles of 14 year old SF fans in THE IMMORTAL STORM. Weird….

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