Save the Semiprozine – Part 3

If you are just coming into this discussion at this post, I suggest that you check out part 1 and part 2. Same rules apply.

“And remember the point I made about how few of the fiction semiprozines ever get nominated in the existing category anyway. There’s no reason the editors should be discouraged any more than they presently are (if they are, which I doubt) by having to compete for Best Editor, Short Form.” –Mike Glyer (in comments at File 770)

At present, short fiction semiprozines get nominated for the Hugo. Just because it doesn’t happen as frequently as it does for non-fiction magazines is irrelevant. Neither will be represented by the Hugos if they are forced to compete within Best Editor Short Form alongside that category’s perennial nominees.

“A friend wrote that the news of Charlie Brown’s death had convinced him to vote against abolishing the Semiprozine category. He thinks the timing is unsavory, and it would be disrespectful to the memory of a giant in the field.” –Mike Glyer (post at File 770)

One of the things that saddened me in this process was learning that there were people involved in this movement just to keep Locus Magazine from winning more Hugos. I won’t lie, I would have liked to have seen someone else win from time to time, but it was the will of the voters and that was that. There has been a great deal of disrespect to both Charlie and the people who voted for him and that is a shame.

When I launched this site a few months ago, I contacted Charlie for the profile information on Locus Magazine and invited him (like the others) to participate in any way he felt comfortable. He was well-aware of the sentiment against him. He told me: “As the 800 lb gorilla, we probably should keep out of this. Anything else will seem self-serving, whether intended as such or not. I *do* think there are too many good publications being disenfranchised for the amendment to make any sense.”

It’s a shame that any of this should be about one person. In some circles this whole situation is believed to be a scorched-earth solution to a perceived problem with one person. It is time to move on. The vote needs to happen. We need to put this behind us.

This series will wrap up tomorrow with part 4 – looking to the future.